Esports betting platform ‘Midnite’ joins #HomeSweetHome

One of the only UK-based esports betting sites, Midnite has partnered with GRID’s CSGO data platform in the sponsorship of the #HomeSweetHome tournament

Around #HomeSweetHome, the 8-week CSGO online tournament with reward winnings of $320,000, Midnite will combine the introduction of a public beta programme with an investment of $276,081.60.

“As the first location for bettors looking for conventional esports sporting experience during the tournament, Midnite will be branding itself as. Sujoy Roy, Midnite Marketing Director, explained how the platform is highlighted in the course of the event, “When Midnite launches our public beta, it is a great deal to partner with GRID for Home Sweet Home. Our fan-centric features, including quick withdrawals, accompany every CSGO match on HSH and our brand new live mode, which is the ultimate watch and bet experience.”

In collaboration with the event manufacturer Relog Media, GRID created #HomeSweetHome in order to address the cancellation of the LAN Turns in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. This event is the perfect way for Midnite to level the game for the serious CS: GO fans. After its announcement RuHub as a Russian broadcasting partner and GameCo as an American distribution, partner continues to increase the community of partners for the case. The latter was partnered by GRID in March to carry goods for esports betting in North America.

Midnite had launched earlier this year with a £1.9 m funding round sponsored by Makers Fund, Venre and the Betfair and GVC executives, the UK’s Gambling Commission (UKGC) Licensee. The platform started ambitious projects to compete against the biggest esports betting sites globally.