Cheese maker Babybel enters esports partnership with Heretics

Groupe Bel’s brand Babybel has started partnering into the esports business through a partnership with Team Heretics in Spain. It is the first esports undertaking for Babybel, serving as the official cheese snack of the company.

Team Heretics and Babybel will collaborate together on projects that encourage healthier practises while playing, although the exact activities at the time of writing have not been announced.


Lara Borrajo, Bel Spain’s Marketing Manager, said at the company’s partnership: “We are honoured to be Team Heretics ‘new partner. Gaming is a field we’ve been playing in and performed very well for us for a very long time. None other than Team Heretics, one of the most important teams on the esports scene, is now going to take a step further.

Team Heretics today revealed the company’s collaboration with its Fortnite members, using a YouTube video. Sponsorship of the Spanish water bottled brand Font Vella was recently granted to the Spanish organisation.