Esports F1 driver beat professional F1 drivers

He defeated Norris, Vandoorne and Nicholas Latifi, Lando Hulkenberg. But on a virtual track.

Dani Bereznay from Hungary, nineteen, was officially a Formula 1 driver for Alfa Romeo, ranked among the world’s top three F1 riders and was defeated in virtual tournaments in the course of lockdowns.

On Sunday, he will race with England’s Ben Stokes cricketer in the F1 Meeting, following the Grand Prix of Formula 1 and F2 drivers.

In a recent discussion, we spoke to Bereznay about life during lock-ups, his rise from modest beginnings and his long-standing passion for games and motorsport.

Bereznay eventually fulfilled his vision of working in Formula 1 in 2017 when he joined VeloceEsport and then became an official conductor for Alfa Romeo after spending several years practising in his bedroom with a wheel that costs 15 euro (£13).

In 2018 and 2019, he finished in second and third place in the world in F1 sports and wants to rank fifth. One of his biggest accomplishments, a character of 6 ft 6ins, he came eighth in Hungarian counterpart of X-Factor.

Motorsport still had the first passion, but video games gave him away to demonstrate his talents without conventional funds.

“For me, Esport was the best path, because equality is equal,” he said, adding “true races are costly. You can demonstrate with esports that you still have the power and heart of a real athlete. “Bereznay explained before he was found out by Veloce in 2017 that he was using the 15-euro wheel for 8 years and could only afford a cheap display.

He was also able to fly abroad ever since he was a pro, and he encountered heroes at numerous Grand Prix tournaments, there was no choice for him to grow up. The F1 World Sports Championship competition prize pool is $500,000.

Yet his father was reluctant when a career in esports seemed like a course. Bereznay also had dreams of another way into F1, as a student at school. In the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus that causes delays worldwide, sports have in some ways become almost as usual.

VeloceEsports has organised its own virtual tournaments to try to fill the void that has been left by the cancelled Grands Prix, which feature F1 racers such as Norris, Hulkenberg, Vandoorne, Latifi and Esteban Gutierrez – and other athletes, including footballer Thibaut Courtois.