Automaker Kia announces partnership with Rogue

A partnership with Kia Motors for the Club in European League of Legends was created by North American company Rogue.

The LEC team will use Kia’s cars to fly on a one-year relationship. For the development of video content for the relationship, Rogue should make use of celebrities who have invested in its parent ReKTGlobal. Like Imagine Dragons, Steve Aoki and Nicky Romero, a publication has been cited.


Anna Baumann, Rogues Sports Europe’s Managing Director, spoke about the relationship: “We at Rogue were not more excited about our collaboration with Kia due to the creativity of our parent group, ReKTGlobal. The business with its reputation as the LEC sponsor is a perfect match for our brand to support professional League of Legends at the highest level.

Kia Motors does not have the oddity to be a stranger to the European League of Legends, having partnered with Riot Games ‘LEC as a first step on the field of sport in 2019. “We look forward to introducing unique innovative offerings for Kia and use our brand to bind music icons to League of Legends superstars. The carmaker extended the contract for the 2020 season earlier this year.

Most recently, a partnership was announced with South American company Thunder Predator. Probably better known for its Dota 2 team, its rosters were grouped in the Legends and Counter-Strike League: the Global Offensive.