Natus Vincere ‘Na’vi’ announces partnership with Esports Charts

Natus Vincere has formed a deal with Esports Charts, a Ukrainian analytical firm. The agreement provides an overview of Natus Vincere’s teams, players and event results.

The partnership will also support Natus Vincere by providing “real details, viewer preferences and players ‘dynamics.”


Esports Charts has previously partnered with Fnatic, Team Liquid, TSM, Canberra Mayhem and StarLadder, it has formed similar relationships with the teams. Newzoo has dealt with the Excel Esports, the Esports High-Performance Center, Newbee, Ninjas in Pyjamas, DetonatioN Gaming and the Astralis Community, as well as related arrangements with the other nations.

“Understanding the sports public and their interests is a very critical component of our work,” said Alexey “sawing.” Kucherov, COO of Natus Vincere, said. The Esport Charts will support us in that way, and we hope that there will be fruitful collaboration and we expect all the benefits of our fans and sponsors.