Colombia, Turkey, Ukraine and Kazakhstan join Esports Federation

IESF confirmed the membership of four more nations: Colombia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Ukraine.

The South Korean non-profit organisation, the International Esports Federation, was established in 2008. The partnership with the Asian Electronic Sports Federation also recently announced that the two had reached a Memorandum of Understanding to further promote esports.

In behalf of its Member States, the Federation acts for the advancement of world sports. That is accomplished by four different objectives: increasing membership (and helping in forming up new national esports associations), universal standardisation of legislation, teaching and preparation through the Universal Academy of Sports, and hosting the Esport World Championship. It intends to do this.

The four newly formed federations are the Colombia Federation of Electronic Sports (FEDECOLDE), the Qazaq Cybersport Federation (QCF) of Kazakhstan, the Turkish Federation for Esports (TESFED) of Turkey, and the Ukrainian Electric Sports Federation (Union of Electric Sports Foundations).

Four new countries put the overall number of IESF membership countries up to 60, covering six continents. Asia and Europe make up the majority of 24 and 22 figures, the last time a new member has left Macao in 2016.

In December 2019, the IESF elected a new council. The announcement was followed by a declaration that its elections showed that “it is, by its electoral process, the only entity which truly represents the entire sportive community (athletes, organisations and publishers).”