Best Australian CSGO Teams to gamble on

CSGO is one of the most popular games worldwide, with famous teams like Renegades and Kings originally from Australia the gambling opportunities within Australian teams are endless. Renegades is one of the most popular teams worldwide let alone Australia.

Interestingly, Australian police investigated match-fixing in Australia of Overwatch teams, which shows the influence of gambling on esports such as Overwatch and CSGO and the need for a more regulated industry. But Australian police investigation teams are showing the importance of esports.

Teams from America, Poland and the United Kingdom are other teams that are brilliant to bet on, but if you’re an Australian patriot, these are your best bets.

Here are some of the top CSGO teams in Australia:

  • Renegades
  • Kings
  • Grayhound
  • Chiefs
  • Athletico
  • Legacy
  • Sin

These teams participate in large tournaments such as IEM and ESL. With renegades winning multiple tournaments.

For example, online casino Australia real money games offer brilliant fun for not only esports but some other types of bets like poker and blackjack. Over 27% of esports bettors also play other forms of gambling such as Blackjack and Poker.

Smaller clubs like Surge eSports Club and Kings gaming clubs are prominent in their leagues winning titles all year round.

With significance, GameScoreKeeper has recently invented a software which complied thousands of esports teams from CSGO to League of Legends and the team’s ages which bookmakers can assess the data and either cancel bets or suspend, due to many countries making betting on under 18s illegal, like Spain and Sweeden.

Firstly, Immunity which is an Australian team beat Cloud 9 at an event in Australia which qualified them for ESL Cologne.

Adding to this, 100 Thieves, one of the biggest teams in CSGO, is mainly combined with Australian players, which makes this team perfect for an Australian patriot. We recommend betting on 100 Thieves or Renegades both teams are very skilled, but, before betting on any team, we suggest you become a knowledge beacon of these teams and the game. Once you’ve gained knowledge on the game and the team, you’ll know the probability of winning that game.

Mark Johnson, a lecturer at Sydney University, said one of the reasons for the rise of match-fixing is clearly because popular public sentiment is widely underestimated. “The business of computer games is more significant than the mixture of films and songs, but it is not considered at all,” he also mentioned, “I’m not typically into esports either, so I know what it is, so you know nothing about it if you’re not into esports.”