Barracks.GG and League of Legends league partner

The Latin American League of Legends first tournament, Riot Games ‘Liga Latinoamérica (LLA), has increased its relationship with Barracks.GG until 2021.

Barracks. GG is a training site for esports intended to improve the abilities of League of Legends players. For use on official programming of the competition, the company provides funded figures to LLA.

An expansion of collaborations with Barracks.GG is just the new improvements that have been introduced by the League over the last months, which concentrate on the audience. In September 2019, after an agreement has been negotiated with the Mexican TV network Azteca Deportes, the LLA announced its intentions to move from Santiago, Chile to the city of Mexico in 2020.


The move was followed by a single rivalry between the former Leagues Latin America North and Latin America South. The League has recently also unveiled a new logo of the business, which seeks to reawaken public attention following the merging of the two leagues.

CEO of Barracks.GG, Pablo Díaz-Muñoz, further expanded on the partnership, saying they “aim to contribute to professionalising the esports scene in Latin America, with the implementation of data and tools, which allow the esports audience to feel [a] greater [sense of] attachment and belonging during the transmission of the league, and its subsequent analysis. We aspire to continue growing and [hope] that our contribution develops value to the industry.”

Barracks.GG supports LLA with information such as the gap in cash, KDA (Kills and Deaths and Assists). Data was used before and after the radio broadcasts.