First player based esports betting site launches with UK license

Puntt ( is the world’s first online esports player betting website and is available in the UK now with CSGO on-time betting pools, one of the world’s biggest professional CSGO tournaments, for the ESL Pro League. Dota 2 and other big titles will come later in 2020.

Worldwide revenue for esports betting had reached over $560m in 2019, reports a cluster of esports betting sites.

UK consumers over the age of 18 are now able to bet for the first time in history on CS: GO clubs, not just teams. New creative markets, like most kills, are now available.


Puntt will have leadership odds for all the CSGO Major Championship tournaments Puntt’s pool betting company was developed over two years as an innovative, forward-thinking company for innovative customers. It was developed on a proprietary UK licenced platform and was particularly designed to deliver a decent, interactive and well-governed betting experience for the fans of esports, as can be seen here in the launch videos on Puntt’s YouTube channel.

As a pool site for betting, Puntt helps clients to bet against one another instead of getting a bookmaker’s odds. Puntt was explicitly developed to provide a long-term benefit to the esporting environment and was focused on:

• To provide an engaging product that is not available elsewhere

• Treat all customers fairly and equally

• Be well regulated and responsible at all times

• To support charity and esports