Mclaren and Logitech G expand partnership through 2020

The Logitech G brand for Gaming Peripherals has extended the collaboration with UK automaker McLaren up to 2020.

Logitech G is one of McLaren’s longest-standing partners in the world’s fastest player and shadow races over the years.

McLaren and Logitech G are working on sim racing together. The latest G Challenge 2020 is a prominent initiative that is to come from the partnership.

In a statement, the extension was discussed by Mark Walls, Managing Director, Sales & Marketing at McLaren Racing: “Logitech G has been committed to supporting the McLaren eSports business from the beginning. Logitech G is unique in its operation and the way it works with its partners, to deliver the best gaming experience and items of the highest quality.”

McLaren is no odd person for the Sim World, having hosted the Shadow Project and Logitech G Challenge in 2018 and 2019, which are estimated to produce over 1 million competitors in both tournaments.