GRID and GameCO partnership to develop esports betting products in American casinos

Las Vegas-based GameCo has a partnership with GRID, an esports data provider, to offer North American casinos with esports betting products.

Esports betting sites have always announced the interset in offering bets within the Las Vegas strip. While many come to forums to discuss how and when they can place bets on esports within Las Vegas.

The collaboration includes GRID’s esports data and streaming network integrated with both the land-based and online offerings of GameCo Video Game Gambling Machine (VGM).

In real-time feeds of official data, as well as streaming assets of esports competitions and a range of services will be offered by GRID in order to “disclose the potential to casino and sportsbook esports.”

The collaboration has been commented on by Blaine Graboyes, Co-Founder and CEO of GameCo in a statement: “Esports gambling is an enormous untapped opportunity across North America. Our relationship with GRID will lead to a new era of involvement in our shared knowledge of business, infrastructure and technology.

GameCo will bring the GRID esports data platform to both digital and natural casino operators in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. GameCo will help to help you to make sports analytics and betting accessible to players and sportsbooks.

For the first time in North America, casino operators in the jurisdiction where esports betting is legal will be given the ability to build and sell esports betting odds.

GameCo unveiled its skill-based Video Game Gambling Machines in September 2015 which combines opportunity with skill in the economics of casino machines like slot machines. Today the patented arcade-style cabinets are said to be licenced to “all major casino operators” in more than 25 jurisdictions.