GameScorekeeper helps esports bookmaker verify age

When he won the Fortnite World Cup and Yu JackeyLove Wen-Bo 17, Kyle Giersdorf was just 16 years old when his team won the League of Legends World Championship. The number of athletes under 18 years of age is rising so that betting operators are increasingly necessary for compliance with athlete age regulations.

It made it easier for GameScorekeeper to look at this challenge:-In football, it is fairly easy to classify most teams under the age of 18. Yet many teams in esports are combining under18-18 and over 18 competitors, making our customers increasingly interested in a service that makes the age of the competitors clear and operational, said founder and CEO Felix Klastrup, GameScorekeeper.

According to the Game Scorekeeper, the number of under-18 players in the counter-strike world ranking is projected to rise at the same pace as the sporting industry, two of the top 5 teams.

This verification tool will help with bookmakers like Betway and esports betting sites like Unikrn and Luckbox. Traditional bookmakers like Betway have clear interset in esports, with this Betway esports review shows how much interset they have in the developing age.

The company of Felix Klastrup has therefore developed a new product which will make life simpler for its customers:-We have developed a new service which covers more than 95% and the majority of the age of our CS: GO teams. Any operator may use this service to suspend the bets by teams of a majority of players under 18 manually or automatically. The betting industry should be able to guarantee compliance and it is fairly straightforward for them to use this service.

GameScorekeeper’s service is first run by Betway. “We are committed to providing the widest range of markets for the field of esports while ensuring that all wagers conform with our strictly responsible policies and conform with esports age regulations.” Said Adam Savinson from Betway Group.

The rules imposed by Sweden and Spain on players under the age of 18 or teams under the age of 18 are likely to be followed, although others are likely to fail. The Player Age System of GameScorekeeper is based on a registry of the age of the players who are connected to the team of players, allowing operators, when using a new programme, to exclude athletes under18 or teams.