Unicorns of Love secures investment from Tomislav Karajica

The project developer and investor Tomislav Karajica, who will serve as a strategic partner of this team, has established Berlin-based organisation Unicorns of Love.

Unicorns of Love is also sponsored by Betway esports, in their attempt to compete against esports betting sites globally.

The business is owned by the Austrian football club SK Austria Klagenfurt and investor in FC Viktoria 1889, Berlin. The investment comes from the Karajica development firm of Home United.

The two parties would create a starship at Home Unified Hamburg Ding in Nobistor’s St. Pauli neighbourhood through the collaboration. It also says that a gaming house has been well built in the design process and is planned to be a “hot point for anyone who likes to play games” and a “mecca for athletes.”

Unicorns Of Love made its debut in 2013 by the professional coach of the League of Legends, Fabian Mallant, Karajica comments on his goals as a strategic partner for Unicorns of Love: “We will build suitable formats and content in e-sports that represent another significant and forward-looking aspect of our conceptual approach,” he said.

The management of the team is shared by Jos Mallant, his father CEO and Vivien Mallant, Sister Boss, who have spoken with Karajica about being an investor for recent weeks.

Currently, the company is collaborating with teams in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and PUBG.