Rocket League Championships to increase prize pools

The Rocket League World Championship, the culmination of the season of the Rocket League, set to take place in Dallas Texas, has possibly been cancelled without surprise at the moment, despite the activities taking place worldwide.

In a smart move, however, organisers have agreed to concentrate on events in both North America and Europe, all of them online, from the postponed tournament to the Rocket League Championship Series.
In an initial press release, Psyonix, the person who runs the game, revealed news along with guidance on the next level of the game. The next announcement came shortly after, turning the Rocket League series into a mini-world championship.

Instead, the $100,000 prize money to be given in Dallas was added to the Rocket League Championship Series prize pool for North America and Europe, with the extra prize money for each of the four best teams in the World Championships.
Psyonix has now revealed the following prize funding:

  • 1st place – $70,000 ($52,000 in additional prize money)
  • 2nd place – $40,000 ($27,000 in additional prize money)
  • Joint 3rd place – $16,500 each ($10,500 in additional prize money each)

Psyonix also revealed that it was adding another $25,000 in prize money to the South American and Oceania regional championship, in addition to raising the funds for the tournaments in Europe and North America.

This raises first-place winnings by a $15,000 bonus, and every tournament earns a further $10,000 from the second-place team.

Although it is undeniably the blow to fans and teams, particularly as the season-ending tournament is not able to host the World Championships in Dallas, Psyonix has announced that they intend a series of what they call live regional tournaments for the four regions listed above.

There are a number of sports betting services, including bet365 Esports and, that provide both live and betting action in the Rocket League Championship Series. Currently, after six weeks of tournament play, Space Station Gaming is leading the North American league, winning 6 games, losing just one game, winning their last 5.

Susquehanna Soniqs (6-2), NRG Esports (6-2) and G2 Esports (5-2) are their biggest rivals in North America.

Throughout Europe, it’s actually a two-horse race in which two teams, Renault Vitality and Dignitas, share the same record for 7-1. Thanks to their better percentage of income, vitality takes the way. Barcelona (5-2), Veloce (5-3) and Reciprocity (5-3) are the chasing teams for the set.

On Saturday, March 21st the next round of games will start, where you can bet on a variety of key games, with not least the third taking second place in North America, with G2 Esports facing Susquehanna Soniqs.

Rocket league betting has been a talking point within Europe, with top teams Veloce and Renault Vitality going head-to-head with odds on these matches from Bet365 esports and