LegionFarm users can now play alongside and be trained by professional eSports gamers

Gaming has long become one of the established forms of entertainment in the media and entertainment industry. Long gone are those times when playing video games was considered a waste of time and just a side gig; although, some households are still against their teenagers sitting 24/7 in front of the monitor playing shooters and RPGs (not without cause, though).

The industry has become so large that even the movie and music industries cannot compete with it in terms of yearly revenues. In 2019, the gaming industry has generated a whopping $152.2 billion in revenue, spanning across a consumer base that combines more than 2.5 billion gamers across the globe.

And now, with the impressive initiative from LegionFarm, amateur and relatively skilled gamers have the ability to hone their gaming skills and become more competitive in the industry.

Earning money by playing video games

As noted above, games have long ceased to be just an entertainment gig performed in the parents’ basement. Now, with the growth of the eSports industry, professional gamers are turning their ultimate dream into reality: they earn money just by playing their favorite games! Who would have thought that 20 years ago?

Another way of earning money is to stream the gameplay process on Twitch or YouTube. The most famous streamers like Shroud, ChocoTaco, and Dr. Disrespect are a perfect example of having a streaming platform that yields a buck or two.

There’s actually a third way of earning a significant amount of money in this business – online casino gaming. And while many people sneer at the prospect of entering an online casino and spinning a reel or two, one can hardly overestimate the lucrativeness these games can offer in some occasions.

In Canada, for instance, the gambling industry generated 15 billion dollars in revenue in 2019 – and that’s just one country! Considering the scale and popularity of online, as well as offline gambling in the country, some of the more lucrative casino no deposit bonus codes Canada offers to its inhabitants is just as great a way of earning the cash as being an eSports player or streaming on various platforms.

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows in gaming 

However, there’s a major problem – or, more precisely, a challenge – with this form of income: if you’re not in the top 0.1% of the most skilled and well-trained eSports gamers, it is going to be difficult for you to use either of the two methods to earn money from gaming.

You see, the eSports tournaments may be very lucrative, allowing the luckiest and most skilled players to return home with literally millions of dollars in cash and having tens of millions in a prize pool. However, not everyone can win these tournaments and the contenders can easily exceed a couple of hundred people. So, again, not many people have the chance to win super-elite eSports tournaments.

And as far as stream gaming is concerned, there is a completely different issue here – or rather a couple of issues: for one thing, almost no one in their working-age has 50+ hours per week to sit in front of the computer and play competitive games in order to hone their skills. This, in turn, renders them not very pleasing to watch online as they may not even be able to win the game.

Not only that, even if they turn into a pro, it still doesn’t mean that their personality and the ability to talk is compatible with the streaming world. An example of ChocoTaco can suffice here: people like to watch his streams not just because he can get a headshot in PUBG from 500 meters; he’s appealing to the Twitch community because he talks to the audience and explains everything along the way. In turn, the viewers appreciate his way of streaming and flood his donations platform.

A new opportunity from LegionFarm

With all that being said, and having recognized the challenges the gamers are facing, LegionFarm, a B2C matchmaking company, has come up with an idea to put professional gamers and amateurs into one space in hopes to improve the latter’s’ gaming skills.

Basically, whenever a user enters the platform, they’re offered to enter the match with two professional players along with whom they can polish their gaming skills. Those pros will teach them all the different gaming techniques, explain various modes of the game, etc. What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether a user is gaming on a PC, console, or even smartphone – the platform is accessible everywhere.

According to one of the LegionFarm’s creators, the top 1% of the gamers are a massive force in the whole gaming industry. They can exert an influence that can either boost the company or take them down. Therefore, the firms that leverage their loyal pro customers and their gaming skills can greatly benefit from it.

And that’s exactly what LegionFarm is doing.