CSGO secures over one million concurrent players

Last week Steam hit an all-time high with over 20 million players online with over 6.5 million of them playing a game actively.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the most successful Steam title, with record-high peaks at 1,023,229 players in its leading online gaming community, according to data obtained from EsportsJunkie via Steams online monitoring platform.

The statistics show the CounterStrike: the monthly peak of Steam players in the global offensive has risen steadily in the last 8 months. It was more than 578 thousand in July 2019. The figure jumped to more than 760,000 in the next five months and continued to rise. The overall number of competitors CSGO on Steam has risen by 100,000 a month since January.

After May 2019, when Steam crossed over 364 thousand, the total number of counter-strike players per month has steadily grown. This number jumped to over 456,000 by the end of the last year and kept on increasing in the first months of 2020. The CSGO players on Steam reached an overall record number of more than 580,000 in February or 55% more than last month.

The CSGO has grown a development and an enormous player base over the past seven years. More than 2.2 million CSGO players were present worldwide in early 2014. The famous base of shooting players increasing almost six times in the next four years, reaching 12,430,000. For the first time in January 2019, there were over 20 million participating monthly players. Counter-Strike: Global offensive counts 20,077,206 unique monthly players, according to the latest findings.