Twitch and Comscore agree on esports deal

Twitch has announced a collaboration with Comscore to calculate live entertainment, like esports, on the Twitch platform.

The arrangement aims to make video sharing activity better accessible to marketers.
This allows companies to concentrate their efforts on main populations in particular.

According to Tech Crunch, Twitch is the leading streaming platform and last year’s advertisement sales totalled $300 million, or £244 million/€270 million.

Despite rising rivalry from rivals such as Microsoft Mixer, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Live, etc.

Next year, 40 million US tourists are expected to be on top of the list.

“Our recent collaboration with Twitch further illustrates Comscore’s commitment to creativity inside and around the audience,” said CEO of Comscore Carol Hinnant.

“Our collaboration will ensure the industry recognises and takes advantage of developments in this area, at a time when gaming and sport are gaining momentum.”