League of Legends Invitational Moved to July

Riot Games have announced major changes due to the Covid-19 epidemic for their League of Legends professional tournament season. The Invitational mid-season2020 (MSI) will be moved between May and July.  This begins on Friday 3rd July and finishes on Sunday 19th July.

MSI is a worldwide League of Legend festival that takes place in the middle of the seasons, with teams from each competitive region across the globe joining together to take part in the competition in the hope of winning the award pool.

MSI normally takes place in May, but this has changed with the Covid 19, which affects League of Legends esports. The League Regional Chief of Legends Esports in an essay by John Needham.

John explained the reason behind the transition, and why it had to be done: we have agreed to move from May to July this year, after discussions with all our leagues, and with all other stakeholders[…] to make it possible for Covid 19 to move our annual mid-year world tournament events, from May to July this year[…] Things left and right have been cancelled and postponed. And MSI doesn’t vary. Yet MSI will still be the League of Legends tournament that the world loves, only a little different, with adequate protection measures to avoid the spread of the virus.