Who Are The Game Producers Dominating The World Of eSports?

The world of e-sports has risen drastically in popularity in the last decade with the rise of Youtube gamers and other influencers on platforms such as Stream and Twitch. Whether it is the development of a mobile game, playing through League Of Legends or challenging other teams to a FIFA tournament, these have all become popular e-sports that thousands of people either take part in or spectate. In this article, we will be looking into some of the main game producers and how they have been dominating the world of e-sports in recent years. 

Riot Games 

By far one of the most popular games in the world of e-sports is League Of Legends as the 2020 season kicked off on the 24th of January the race is well and truly on to find the best team in the world of League of Legends. With a number of games in the schedule up until the 22nd of March, this is where the best of the best compete to beat the rest and come out victorious. Whether you are a fan of watching e-sports or you are a fan of the game yourself, LoL is by far one of the biggest and most popular games for e-sports fans. 

Electronic Arts 

Another game developer that has taken the world of e-sports by storm is EA. With a number of successful sporting titles such as FIFA, NHL and Madden 20 all proving highly popular with e-sports fans. In addition to this, there other titles such as Need for Speed and Star Wars titles all prove highly popular with esports fans around the world with the e-sports FIFA World Cup. The PlayStation playoffs for the global series will take place between the 19th and the 21st of June with the Xbox playoffs taking place between the 26th and 28th. This is set to be an amazing set of games before the main competition that takes place at the end of the year. The development of game modes and other perks is set to be a huge change in the world of e-sports with major success at all times. 


Though it is not quite as popular as FIFA, Konami is responsible for the popular game PES. With my club option as well as campaigns and other key elements to the game, this is another e-sport that has become highly popular in recent months. There have been a PES efootball league allowing players to play for some of the world’s best premiership clubs. It is a promising time for this game developer as the company diversified into slot machine games and e-sports making them I direct competitor to a number of other developers that are breaking out into e-sports and other sports development. 

Epic Games 

Another newcomer to the world of e-sports is Epic games and the development of Fortnite. With the first Fortnite world cup taking place in 2019. With a highly successful Solo competition as well as Duos, Creative and Pro-am competitions, this was a huge success for the company that is only set to continue. However, with bugs in the game and other teething problems, it is rumoured that the 2020 world cup could be postponed until these issues are resolved. However, this is yet to be announced by Epic and the schedule for the 2020 event is yet to be released. 


The final developer that has seen a huge amount of success in e-sports is Supercell. They are responsible for the development of Clash Royale and Clash Of Clans making this highly popular with so many. With a Clash Royale and Clash Of Clans World championship, there are a number of other popular titles such as Brawl Stars and Boom beach that can also lend themselves well to e-sports tournaments.

With the rising popularity of e-sports for both gamers and spectators, there is set a huge influx in the number of people taking an interest in the e-sports industry. Who knows, this last may even change by next year.