League introduced for Farming stimulator in Germany

GIANTS Software set up a new production site in the German city of Erlangen to broadcast competitions for the Farming Simulator League.

The company will also arrange tournaments for the Farming Simulator League as necessary given the anticipations of coronavirus (COVID-19) cancelling games and sporting events.

The Farming Simulator League held its new contest on Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) in Katowice without a live audience, according to an announcement from the company “Farming Simulator League Tournaments will take place at major events with steadily increasing audiences as fast as possible,” this previous weekend.

The tournament was a side event at the annual Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) exhibition, but on Thursday, on account of coronavirus issues, the arena was “closed to the public hours before the opening of the gates by the Polish Governor of Silesia.” All IEM Katowice tournaments were played without fans at the venue as expected.

On 18-19 July at FARMCON 20 at the Deutz-Fahr Arena in Lauingen, Germany, the Farming Simular League will conclude its first season. The € 100,000 Championship, which has earned seven events and has won the top seed, features teams who win the most points during the year, like Trelleborg Wheel Systems.