FIFA Eclub World called a success as Esports is predicted to grow significantly

According to esports analyst and former Olympian Phelan Hill, esports in the UK will grow rapidly in the next few years.

While the esports industry, one of the billion-dollar industries, has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years, popular consciousness in the UK is still cracking.

Nonetheless, Hill, who won silver for GB’s eight men at London 2012, and is now a senior consultant in sports industry Neilsen Sports at Rio 2016, predicts that esports will become more common with the growing profile of GB Rowing.

The FIFA eWorld Cup in Milan is a further success of the FIFA World cup: ‘Esports is still a fairly young sport in Great Britain, but they are growing rapidly and attracting new fans at a rapid rate. 21 percent of UK fans only started esports after last year. It is its fast-growing scope, with recognition and focus on the new markets rising every year, the greatest draw–for sponsors and fans alike.

The esports tournament saw a large number of people betting on FIFA with one of the many FIFA betting sites.

Statistics may play a major role in this, and not just statistics–big, often exaggerated numbers are put out. They have to make sure the details are consistently exact and accurate. “Gareth Bale, the Real Madrid star, is one of the sports-oriented celebrities. As the industry grows, more mainstream sporting stars such as Gareth Bale and LeBron James are placing their names on bottom-up projects on the new market. We saw that a lot is happening in the USA, with NBA and NFL players like, for instance, Michael Jordan, and other entertainment stars like Drake participating in the esports industry.

We also saw businessman Mark Cuban and actor Ashton Kutcher invest into Unikrn, one of the most unique esports betting sites in the UK.