Riot’s Valorant will have ‘Great server quality’ worldwide

With the latest VALORANT first-person shooter at Riot Games, several players are curious how the developers will take over the immense player base that will surely follow after the game falls officially later this year.

Yet keep yourself calm. The consistency and reliability of the server of the game were always on the highest level for Riot and they will be sufficiently powerful in handling a global release.

For all players, Riot is free of charge to introduce 128-tick servers. It effectively increases the number of opponents that lag, so that other players can still pass smoothly.

In addition, Riot has been working on peer deals for Riot Online, also known as “Riot Express,” with different ISPs throughout the world. The network of the organisation now covers 35 major cities throughout the globe to maintain a minimum of 35 m or less for a minimum of 70 percent of all players.

The network would allow Riot to repair routes which have been broken, to balance congested routes and to add more circuits so that more people can play when they need it.
In most first-person shooters, all these improvements are in place to fight against a common problem: the advantage of the viewer. This happens when a game’s server or network problems allow an attacking player to shoot a player prior to reacting. Each game should prevent these from occurring by adding these drastic measures.

In the next weeks before the game’s release this summer, Riot will share more detail about VALORANT.