Gen.G’s ‘BDD’ donates $4,000 for coronavirus victims

Gen. G midlaner Gwak “Bdd” Boseong has donated approximately 5 million KWR or $4000 to coronavirus-related organizations.

“Hello, it’s Bosung” Bdd “Gwak. I entered the funding for COVID-19 to get a positive upcoming birthday and 4th anniversary of my debut. After winning the match, I’m happy to post this, but also so sad not to hear the fans ‘ birthday song for the first time since my debut. I would do my part, like I said, for my fans, to proudly say “I cheer Bdd.” Take care today, and thank you for cheering! “- Read Tweet of Bdd as translated by a fan.


Bdd shared his concern about the heath of his fan that was greatly affected after the outbreak of coronavirus. That led him to take the step to help counter this threat. His company Gen. G also vowed to donate their homestand, merch sale earnings to the same cause as their team, before Bdd.