Braxton ‘swag’ Pierce retires from CSGO to go to Project A

On 27 February Braxton ‘Swag’ Pierce, the prodigal son of the North American CSGO, announced his withdrawal from CS: GO and decided instead to win the next release of Project A by the Riot Games.

Swag ends up freeing himself to try to take a pro — to another game after more than five years in the Valve gaol with a permanent suspension.

The CS: GO prodigy officially swaps loyalty to Riot’s next FPS release, Project A, while on 27 February the Player withdrew from Valve.

His ban has been controversial and has been lifted by many clubs. However, many of the same supporters wish him everything in project A right now that he’s moving on.

The MIBR star Gabriel ‘Fallen’ Toledo said,”[ Good luck] legendary: big loss for us all. “You deserved better than that, but we’ll follow you no matter what,” said CS: GO observer David “prius’ Kuntz.” You’re very fortunate that Riot will have you and azk playing in their games.

As the leaks say, Project A — or Valorant— has no release date, but players had more details on the game in the last week.

The leaks revealed the appearance of some of the characters, while Riot was filing a trademark for the name Valorant to suggest the game’s title.

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