Where Will The International 11 Be Hosted?

Speaking about International 2021 (or TI11) seems somewhat premature considering that we are only 6 months away from TI10, isn’t it? Well not if the largest Dota 2 Event in the 2020-2021 season is hosting for your region! Recently, Valve sent an email to select individuals to notify them that they are looking for a place to host The International 2021.

The email that Team Secret Director Matthew Cyborgmatt’s Bailey first placed on Twitter mentions at the end to refer to the appendix to the submission. The link was not yet released, however, when it is, anybody from the group will be able to take this to their local government who would like the TI11 to their hometown.

In Cologne, Germany, the International launched in 2011. The next six years went to Seattle, where Vancouver, Canada (TI8) and Shanghai, China (TI9) followed. The town of Stockholm, Sweden, will host TI10.

The main competition was hosted by three of the six Dota 2 regions. The remaining ones are CIS, Southeast Asia and South America. As the storey develops, VPEsports will bring you more. Be prepared to take all the necessary steps to bring your backyard to the international championships!