Apex Legends data-miner deactivates Twitter account

The world of Apex Legends today seemed to have lost a prominent retirement leader. That1MiningGuy has deactivated his Twitter account and gave up his Discord server control, a respected and authoritative figure in the world of data mining.

The miner faced some difficulties late, but that was unforeseen. The news comes in the footsteps of a Respawn developer who blast the community on the alleged Smart Pistol to spread misinformation. That1MiningGuy was one of the first to leak into the files. The developer’s words were clearly taken into consideration.

It’s an uncomfortable business to manipulate info. In today’s world, it is a widespread hobby to dig into game files and find information. People’s games such as Fortnite, Modern Warfare and Apex Legends all have a data mining community.

But the game developers don’t appreciate the move in particular. We fear data miners ruin the surprises we have been working on for months. Miners often leak information to the entire community in their files. This happens regularly in the titles mentioned above before a major update or new season.

Though some leakers take those freedoms too far, That1MiningGuy did its best to respect the wishes of the owner. T1MG had been linked to the leaking of the teaser of the next movie before Season 4 of Apex Legends. He offered to leave the work, but developers from Respawn advised him not to do that.

Well, some weeks later, and T1MG seems to have stopped for the better. We published a leak a few days ago about T1MG’s tweeted “Smart Pistol.” We indicated that the gun would not arrive very possibly, but files containing its name had arrived.

Rapid up to today, one developer, Jason McCord, was talking about those people, who spread “misinformation” on the intelligent gun. Because T1MG was the first to leak information, he clearly didn’t feel it worth what he did.

Since then, That1MiningGuy has turned off its Twitter and left its popular Disk Server. Whether he will ever be back in the public eye is unclear.