Samsung and Legacy Esports renew partnership

Australia’s Legacy Esports organisation has for a third year renewed its partnership with Samsung Electronics Australia.

Samsung has been supporting Legacy Sports players ‘ peripherals and supporting competitive and grassroots sports programmes for the organisation in the last two years.
T he rosters of partners in Legacy Esports have maintained Samsung Electronics Australia with Optus, Razer, Fullhammer and Harvey Norman.

Phil Gaut, Samsung Electronics Australia’s director of display and memory solutions, commented on the new version: “As we enter the next decade, we will see sports continue to grow in Australia and attract more players and viewers, and we’re committed to Legacy Esports to support their growth and help make it unattainable. A step further in this direction is our renewed partnership with Legacy Esports, driven by their unwavering passions for gaming and a willingness to represent Australia.

“Besides partnerships with Razer and Fullhammer, Legacy Esports has also brought into play new staff members this year. Jensen Goh will be the head coach of the Legends League team, and the company’s expansion into live streaming has been led to Kori “Vandie” Hallows ‘ purchase.