PUBG 6.2 update delayed

Due to technical issues, the developer announced today, the much-anticipated 6.2 update for PUBG is postponed until 3 March. Fans were excited to put their mates finally on opposite platforms, but they have to expect the most recent changes to PUBG for another two weeks.

The Twitter announcement received mixed community reviews. Some fans are happy that developers take their time to tackle problems that might lead to a breakdown. Some players are angry about waiting for improvements and feeling the game is long enough to stop delays. Fans will have to wait for the updates that come to the consoles a little longer, however.

In addition to the ability to add friends on other platforms, update 6.2 will include various features. Players will finally enjoy the Team Deathmatch mode, where eight teams go head-to-head in each map’s individual areas. The new update that has received mixed reviews from the group so far also gives Grenades a nerve.

A slight update in item spawns is available on the Karakin map too. Meds are spawning more often now, bandages are spawning less and long-range arms are difficult to find. New weapons are introduced to add more variety to the world.

The fix tackles the bug, which allows players to move almost invisibly to the right. With the other maps available, Karakin is also transported into the random map option. PUBG was inspired by Apex Legends and introduced a player’s ability to adapt the jumpmaster feature of Apex when parachuting.
When update 6.2 is not further delayed, the updates can be enjoyed in two weeks by fans.