DragonX lose top sot in LCK over Gen.g

DragonX lose top sot in LCK over Gen.g

The fight today for first place between Gen. G and DragonX was to be a barn burner with for the first time in 2020 two of the top teams in the Korean League of Legends— and that didn’t deceive.

Gen. G. Gwak “Bdd” mid-laner Bo-seong found his way today and took his team to the top of the LCK table.

After a tricky one of Gen. G, Bdd turned to dominate Zoe and Galio, counting 19 kills between two games. His old Longzhu-self looked like again; he wandered through the map, found picks, and trusted his team.

The inexperience of DragonX has caught them up. They seemed to tip the face of Rift of Summoner after the dubious collection and ban phases.

Yet Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok left much to hope for in the hands of Kim “Deft.” They died eleven times between them, casting off Gen. G’s early bot lane advantage.

After the series today, Gen. G has five winners and one loser on top of the league. The group looks like the Mid-Season Invitational is now promising later in this year. But if you want a fighting chance, you will take T1 down.
On Thursday, Feb. 27, Gen. G will face the Afreeca Freecs for their next LCK series.