US Air Force Sponsor IEM, AnyKey and ESL Pro League

ESL Pro League, IEM and AnyKey are sponsored by the United States Airforce.

If you talk about the U.S. Air Force, you mostly think of fighter jets and bomber planes, not a group of CSGO players who win tournament wins. Nevertheless, the US Air Force clearly considers many of its gaming ideals.

The Air Force constantly focusses on the rapid advancement of technology, as does the army that needs fast-thinking, yet compliant foot soldiers. So they want as many nerds as they can, and how can they do this better by building recruitment booths in esports tournaments around the country?

The US Air Force supports the ESL Pro League, IEM and AnyKey. To do so, the US Air Force has joined forces. This will include the hiring of US Air Force officers in Season 11 tournaments, in various IEM tournaments throughout the 2020 season, and through their Changemaker Program, the U.S. Air Force will collaborate with AnyKey to recognise gaming community members with a growing sense of diversity and inclusion.

The United States Air Force will also produce content from the start of ESL Pro League’s 11 Seasons in March for the tournament broadcast. It includes the “Air Force Tactical Timeout” section, which is broadcast when a party in the ESL Pro League or IEM events calls for a timeout.

AnyKey is an organisation promoting diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities in competitive gaming. Most of the leagues are still very male, and AnyKey is trying to make a difference. It makes sense to try to solve both of these issues together. The US Air Force is having a similar problem.
From Youtube Eleague This is not the first foray into competitive gaming by the United States Air Force. Cloud9 and ELEAGUE, TBS’s competitive esports team, have already been funded by the air service.

“We have the pleasure of hosting the United States. The Air Force is our first official U.S. Army ESL tournaments and leagues affiliate, “says Paul Brewer, ESL SVP Brand Partnership. “We continue to collaborate with ESL-like organisations and we are particularly keen to work with the US as a sponsor of AnyKey. Air Force to tackle gaming toxicity and promote awareness of diversity and involvement in sports.