Tempo storm secures $3.3m investment to enter interactive media and game design

In its recent fundraiser, Tempo Storm, the US company, through order to launch The Bazaar, raised $3.3 million (£2.56 million).

The round was led by the Galaxy Interactive, a publicly-traded digital asset trading company Galaxy Digital, through its Galaxy EOS VC Fund, a major interactive content and technology investor.

Tempo Storm’s ambitious goals. The organisation is now looking to develop new horizons after obtaining substantial investment from Galaxy Interactive. The organisation, which already has staff in popular titles like Hearthstone, PUBG Mobile and the Rainbow Six Siege, has developed itself.

According to an article published on the website of the company, the main objective among those horizons is “to continue to move towards interactive, immersive media and game design.”

The company’s newspaper, Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk, the Founder and CEO of Tempo Storm: “It’s a well-known sports business, but we always work as a media company rather than as a sports team.
“We agree that interactivity is the entertainment future, and we are extremely thankful for partnering with investors who share this dream.

Tempo’s work on interactive media has been started in Game Changers, an all-live tour show that relies heavily on the contact with our audience and our upcoming game-driven shows are Blasen in the field of interactive media and it is exciting to see the future is realised. Meanwhile, Bazaar is a digital card game that has been at the fingertips of fans of this genre since the crowdfunding Indiegogo in 2018 raised $115,000 (£89,300).