Eternals launched on League of Legends PBE

League of Legends announced on 19 February that Eternals had been released on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). Eternals with mixed player reviews were launched back in 2019. Since then, the community has been listened to by Riot Games.

Feedback led to a new Eternals version for all players without just RP spending. Eternals are now tracking statistics on certain players ‘ champions. Players will have a chance to show their enemy team during all matches by investing in Eternals.

Eternals are a Starters Series and Series I when they are released. Each series has three Eternals per Champion and their statistics will be followed once a player unlocks Eternals. They will also receive a shout for a milestone, and all players will see their achievements in the game. Eternal stats will also be shown on the Player Showcase. Players can customise the Eternal they want to show.

An eternal set of common and unique statistics is made up of. For instance, the number of murders a player had received with a certain champion would be the common eternal state. Meanwhile, the number of times a player has ended up using Ashe would be shown in a unique Eternal status.

Eternal rewards are also unlocking; for instance, a personal best status is revealed five times to a milestone. The players will be given an in-game shout when they pass their personal best. In addition, after 15 milestones, players can unlock a unique flame effect. For a player’s mastery emote the flame effect will be. You can also continue to upgrade your master’s emotions.

Statistics in the Starter series set for 2500 Blue Essence or 255 RP can be equipped permanently. As mentioned earlier, in League of Legends, Riot wanted to improve Eternals. One way to do this was by providing all players with statistics. Refer to the video below for a visual insight into Eternals.