100 Thieves welcomes ex-NRG player MrSavage

MrSavage revealed that he joined 100 Thieves, a professional Fortnite player.

Since confirming his exit from the NRG organisations earlier last month, Martin “MrSavage” Foss was packed with doubt about his future. Fans of the famous Fortnite player realised that he was not going to remain a long-time free agent, leading to speculation about his next destination. Since placing 14th in the World Cup Duos and 29th in the World Cup Solos, it was clear that he was an additional sporting organisation.

For the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, MrSavage qualified 4x and put the T30 in both Solos & Duos. The Norwegian trend of 15 years has strengthened his place in the scene as a leading competitor and designer. More than 100 thieves, we’re glad to have him!

After showcasing his talents on the main stage of the Fortnite World Cup, Mr. Savage saw an extremely high rise in his Twitch stream popularity, which has contributed to a 370 percent increase in his total viewership count over the past 365 days. His recorded income from 25 tournaments reached $185,000. He continued to dominate Fortnite chapter 2, but it is expected that competitive events will come again, given the slow competition from Fortnite developer Epic Games. Which means which fans should see Mr Savage once more perform on a competitive stage.

It’s encouraging to see MrSavage’s hard work contributing to success at a mere 15 years old. This is definitely a big step for the young streamer because it should work for both the player and the company to hit 100 Thieves. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to note whether the competitor will move to the United States from Norway to be close to the remainder of the 100 Thieves game, or whether we shall see him remain on the EU circuit.

Will fans living in the US have the opportunity to meet him more frequently if he does not choose to move due to his spending at least more time there? Esports organisations like 100 Thieves are now far more than an online gang or community, but rapidly become an important part of a brand of players.

I am sure we will see nothing but Mr Savage’s continuous performance and what we’re seeing next from the 100 Thief leader is the only question that still remains.