Juked.gg named official Dreamhack streaming portal

The company announced a partnership with Juked esports startup to host an official streaming portal before the opening DreamHack Anaheim exhibition in California this weekend.

The website will include a variety of tournament streams, including schedule updates, streaming videos (VODs) and more, in the multiplicity of event sports competitions.

The first event to be held in the western shoreline of the United States will be DreamHack Anaheim with nine tournaments granting over 500,000 dollars, (£385,167.50) in total. The highest profiles include a $250,000 tournament and $100,000 (£77,033.50) counter-strike contests: The Global Offensive and Magic: The Gathering Arena. The Tournament is a highly profiled sport.

In a blog post, Ben Goldhaber, Juked’s co-founder, commented: “The model to follow, all at once, so many different games and competitions in the fields of sports matches our view as Juked to T. It’s a celebration of sports culture itself, more than a regular esports tournament.

This is why we are so damn excited by the DreamHack mates, as we are fans of every sports community. “Juked launched last November in open beta, collecting event streams and presenting information about upcoming events. In the past week, an $800,000 (£616,960) round of pre-seed funding under accelerator 500 Startups was announced by San Francisco-based starter.