A look inside Norway’s best CSGO team

Counter-Strike is a widely acclaimed shooter with a successful franchise. Opposing sides of terrorists and counter-terrorists competing against each other to win the game has been influential in successive video games as well. 

The first instalment of Counter-Strike was released in 1999. It then became a popular online game and attracted thousands of players worldwide. Nowadays it is most commonly known as Counter-Strike 1.6

While the game evolved significantly and the number of modifications has been incorporated into the game, they never changed the original gameplay. 

In 2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released which collected positive reviews from critics and players as well. The developers decided to maintain the same concept and improved graphics significantly.

Now it is one of the most popular eSports in the world, and for some players, it is a source of revenue. They can purchase and sell items at a reasonable price. Even countries have their teams that participate in competitions. The following article will discuss Norway’s best CS: GO team and its results.

Norway – a wealthy country with one of the best CS: GO teams in Europe

At the beginning of the article, we emphasized the fact that countries have Counter-Strike teams and in some cases, promote them. But what is more surprising and unusual, is that several countries even offer betting options on teams. In Norway, for example, popular Norwegian sportsbooks provide players with the odds for the Norwegian team with some serious cashback. Many popular Norwegian casinos highlighted in this article are also following suit. The reason why sportsbooks are doing so is to popularize the national team and support them in future matches and as statistics demonstrated Counter-Strike related odd became extremely popular among gamblers.

Norway has one of the highest economic and social development levels throughout Europe. The country is also famous for people who are avid video game lovers, and revenue in the video games industry equals almost $210 million as statistics demonstrate.

The country’s CS: GO team was founded in 2001 and has so far amassed $16,119 in total winnings. It is not a low number considering the high competition existing in the game. The team is competing at various tournaments and reached 2nd place on several occasions.

Global Offensive is not particularly attractive to youngsters since a lot of elders expressing their willingness to participate in team activities energetically and contribute to the team’s achievements. 

The team has so far played 47 games 21 of which ended with a victory, one draw and 25 losses. The team holds a K/D ratio of 1.00. It has no upcoming matches or upcoming tournaments scheduled for the future.

The country has roughly 30 teams and holds competitions once in a while. Mainly country is focused on foreign tournaments, and its players are trying their maximum to promote the country abroad successfully. 

Various companies offer live streams to broadcast the ongoing matches. For instance on August 22, 2018, Turner Broadcasting declared further programming of Global Offensive with ELEAGUE’s Esports 101: CSGO and ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier 2018’s docu-series on the TBS network.