Rainbow Six Siege esports title receives major updates by Ubisoft

Ubisoft has modified its Rainbow Six Siege esports programme to include a regionalized format from the middle of June.

The update includes regional programmes, with its own competitive structure for the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America.

The first three stages of each of this three-level have their own Cup, where the top four teams from each zone compete with each other. Each of them has a season divided into a quarter with the first three “stages.” The region will have it’s own final and relegations on the fourth and final level, with the top teams at the Six Invitational.

Ubisoft has revised the revenue sharing system for Rainbow Six Siege esports and made a bigger focus on local particularities and an increase in diversity in the different choices of sportive services. The third phase is composed of 44 teams from all four regions and will run for the next four years.

The organisations chosen to take part in Phase 3 will have three levels, which will be assessed every three months to rank among the other teams on the levels of viewership, player support and generated in-game revenue, in order to determine promotions and relegations to the system. The organisation will be able to “adapt revenues and requirements to the organization’s variable situations.” Thirty percent of the branded in-game income from these organisations will be distributed.