More games rumors for Nintendo Switch as new PS5 and Xbox announced

Two more exciting ports could be accessed from PS4 and Xbox One in 2020 by the famous console for the Nintendo Switch. Although the Japanese game giant or its third-party partners have not yet confirmed it, there was plenty of discussions online on the new titles this year on the Switch. Fans are expected to receive news about these new releases at Nintendo Direct, an event rumoured for the next several weeks.

Nonetheless, as we have seen in the past, players are likely to see some of the top titles from other platforms.

And the Nintendo switch can soon be available with two popular choices.

The XCOM 2 and Catherine Full Body for the Switch and Shifter Lite have been built according to a new post from a world leader in the rating board.

The details was found on the website of the South Korean Game Rating and Administrative Committee, which lists the handheld console projects.

The XCOM 2 series has also been published during January 2020 for 15 + years.
This news does not guarantee, but it definitely seems possible, that we will see both games coming on the Nintendo Switch later this year.

The news follows that Atlus recently asked fans if they want to see both the games Persona and Catherine: Full Body ported to the Switch.

The survey also questioned if there was any interest in the Shin Megami Tensei 3 and 4 Nintendo Switch ports, while the Atlus market survey by 2020 demanded fans if they wanted to keep their favourite game in the back catalogue of the developers.

Another famous trio of games for the Nintendo Switch seems to be being secretly created.
A number of different platforms have taken the BioShock series and it seems that the Switch is the next stop!