New Apex Legends bug teleports players after using Death totem

As with any new season in Apex Legends, players are of course drawn to the latest addition. This would be the death-hungry robot Revenant with season 4. In addition, Revenant has some awesome new cosmetics, making players want to use it still more.

But there seems to be a quite significant problem with the ultimate skill of Revenant, Death Totem. Upon dying, some users are in Shadowfall mode in a completely new portion of the world.

Death Totem is a strong ultimate skill in its entirety. Many claim that it requires a boost to be successful, but it’s a solid choice for ordinary games. As a consequence, in the regular playlists, there are a lot of Revenant players.

Yet one poor player from Revenant found out that Death Totem was a big bug. A Reddit user named P-Soup posted a clip for that bug, and almost 2,000 voters have been added since then.

This clip shows the person who dies during the death ritual. Nevertheless, the player is called to Skyhook instead of being returned to the totem as normal. This position wasn’t similar to the train the player was at.

The error may be train-specific, but that’s nevertheless a big problem. This vulnerability could be exploited very quickly by players who know how to trigger it. For example, you might trigger Death Totem and teleport somewhere else to completely heal when you are in a hard place while on the train.

We’re not sure, as we did in the above film, whether the teleport just sends players toSkyhook. Another photo on social media does not look like. In any case, Respawn and its refrigerator business, currently destroying Apex Legends, need to address the matter.