GG Bet Ice Challenge 2020 receives 6.45m viewers

DATA.BET had revealed in collaboration with GG.Bet to the esports industry by offering official CSGO tournament data of $250,000 for the ICE London.

Here you’ll find all the key figures from the tournament last week.

Total GG Bet ICE Challenge 2020 streaming views–6,45 million.

The cumulative concurrent views over Twitch, with almost 1,25 million coming from the Russian channel of this website, is 1.98 million.

8–Number of tournament teams–Virtus. Pro, Heroic, Natus Vincere, ENCE, GODSENT, Mouse Sports, Lions MAD and OG.

3–The number of days of playoff–the quarter-finals, semifinals and final–on ExCeL (4-6 February).

50–The share of the overall streaming views on the final day (February 6) when only the Grand Final was held between mousesports and Natus Vincere.

32,539–The tournament’s total number of streams (79% unique) on 7 February–the day after the final.

$125,000–The amount won by the sports champion who made the final $50,000 3-1 for Natus Vincere a 100-per cent play-off record–the consolation bonus to defeat the finalists. The third and the fourth (MAD Lion and GODSENT) received a total of 25,000 USD per piece, and 5th and sixth (OG and Virtus. Pro) were $10,000 each.

2–The overall number of maps that have been lost to mousesports, which have dropped one in the semifinals against Natus Vincere in the first half of 2014 (2-1) against MAD Lions.

Tetjana Pshevlotska, DATA.BET’s Chief Business Development Officer told SBC News that: “We are thrilled to hear how successful the ICE Esports Tournament has become with months of hard work and commitment from our excellent team, and also the launch of DATA.BET’s esports data items.

“There is even more than we thought possible its reputation among delegates. With a packed arena throughout the tournament, it was obvious why esports betting is the world’s fastest-growing betting market.