CSGO’s ‘Silver Gamers’ Innovating Esports Gaming

In 2018, Kotaku said only less than 5th of the world’s players are 50 years old or older. But it is rare to find an older person in a crowd of people at an esports event. But a silver gaming squad tries to change that.

In Sweden, a group of pensioned friends have joined forces to form the Silver Snipers, the official Swedish CSGO, national team, thanks to their shared game interest and particularly the leading sports industry game CSGO.

The squad is headed by a younger and retired CSGO Professional Frederik Andersson, who is made up of five former housewives, scientists and musicians, with the youngest being 64 who is twice the age of the team’s 32nd boss. There were an incredible 76 years of experience for the two oldest members of the team.

Obviously, the era slows down reflections and responds to on-screen activities. Yet striving to improve your skills and developing strategies that can help you combat the pace of your younger rivals is challenging for the squad.

The squad is something of a household name in their native Sweden, and players often exalt easily the values of the physical and mental well-being of the esports games. In 2018, they became officially the first senior CS: GO team in the world.

Uschi Cezanne (81) and her co-presenter Peter (76) became the stars of their own award-winning YouTube channel “Senior Gaming” in Berlin, Germany. The duo film game reviews from its basement that annually reach up to 1,4 million viewers, many of whom younger fans, assisted by Joschka Lippelt, who had technical knowledge and the idea of having his senior friends try out the game.

Due to the appeal and popularity of the Senior Gaming Channel, plus the Silver Sniper team, it shows quite clearly that in these older gamers and streamers, the modern esports industry has a large and relatively untapped market.

This untapped population provides a great deal of potential and opportunities in a fast-growing industry, which is spreading into new borders.

Although most of the top players may well be about 26 or 27 years old, the studies show that age, such as ethnicity, race or sex, should not be an obstacle to anyone engaging in sport.

Another esports.net article speculates whether ageing can be a factor in the dearth of older game players at the top level.  However, it is clear that to grow, both the esports industry and the fringe industries such as esports betting and streaming and the like must all become diversified. Their arguments, both for and against the position, remain ambiguous.

In comparison to modern sports, the esports is one of the few business activities in which players can ‘retire.’

Nonetheless, as the Silver Snipers demonstrates, age is no obstacle for playing sports and there is no excuse for an athlete, regardless of age, to find a spot for him/her inside and beyond the sports community if you are willing to invest some time to develop talents.