Rumors suggest Sony having PS5 price issues

Various reports indicate that the new PS5 can be up to $470 for the basic model, the most expensive PlayStation console for Sony.

The PS5 console has cost up to $450 to make, and Sony is in peril to the issue whether the console is being sold at loss or profit, according to a study by Bloomberg, which includes people who know the PlayStation Department of Sony. Some in the company claims that they will lose if necessary to match the price of Microsoft, while others favour the more lucrative approach similar to the launch of PlayStation 4.

Generally speaking by February Sony ends the price for new consoles, but this time it will also remain competitive with Microsoft, which will launch the upcoming Xbox X series on Holiday 2020.

Additionally, Bloomberg noted that CFO Totoki is also pressing Sony to provide the PS5, which has caused some internal dismay, with more clarity and detail in its image.

This price increase is due to a number of factors, such as difficulties in finding an appropriate memory supplier, and the fact that the heat generated by advanced hardware demands more beef refrigeration than normal.

In view of the PS5 specifications, the high costs of production are not a surprise. As for other reasons, the prices of parts may not decrease anytime that Coronavirus is threatened in China, as many factories and plants are either not fully operational or shut down.

We have to wait and see what Sony is going to do, since the release date of the PS5 is still months away from Holiday 2020.