Scientific Games partner with GameScoreKeeper to expand into esports

Scientific Games has signed a deal with GameScorekeeper, a Danish sports software provider.

The partnership will be provided with automated sports data for use in their products by Game Scorekeeper Scientific Games.

Live match data form CSGO, Dota 2 and League of Legends will be used by Scientific Games to create ‘esports leaderboards’

The SVP Sportsbook partnership was explained by Keith O’Loughlin in a release: “The popularity of esports is on the rise every day. Digital for science games. We are pleased to partner with GameScorekeeper so that our partners can give our players and spectators accurate live match information. Data is king in sports, and athletes and the public need seamless feeds in real-time. As GomeScorekeeper partner, we can provide that world-class experience.

“We are glad to continue to demand our accurate esports data and can now include a highly respected service provider such as scientific games among our clients,” said Felix Klastrup, CEO and Founder of GameScorekeeper.

The agreement was also commented on. It’s all the same about having the first advantage in a booming market like esports betting sites and businesses that invest in quality data achieve precisely such an advantage. “In early 2019, GameScorekeeper formed a partnership with bookmaker Pinnacle to provide him with esports data just like Scientific Games.