PC And Console beaten By Mobile Gaming

The end of 2019 saw a very comfortable rise of almost 10 percent of the gaming industry as a whole in sales year after year. This exponential growth of the gaming industry was not different from that of the internet market. Mobile Gaming saw sales increase by more than 10% compared to 2018 last year.

The mobile gaming industry generated $68.5 billion, according to research by Gamingscan.com, in sales alone which are 45% compared to the total of $152 billion generated by the gaming industry. Consoles are 32% i.e. $47.9 billion, and finally, PC Gaming produced $35.7 billion which is 23% as opposed to overall turnovers.

Throughout 2017, the majority of the developers and editors acknowledged the promise of the mobile gaming market and since then many people have tried to introduce their most popular gaming brands to the mobile gaming culture.

Today, the largest mobile gaming operating system in terms of income is iOS with more than 55% and Android less than 45%. Therefore, microtransactions closely followed by ads represent the major source of revenue in the mobile market.

Mobile Gaming, however, accounts for one of the best showings, with a rise of over 13.4 percent over 2018, when comparing year-on-year growth. Though, with less than 4 percent growth over 2018, the Segment of PCs had a very mediocre performance.

PC Gaming had the battle between shop fronts for a tough year, which allowed for the exclusiveness of some games and for the time being. Such factors caused people to delay purchases, boycott or switch to Piracy. All this had negative effects instead of enhancing user experience and increased PC Gamers ‘ trust. In addition, the disappointment and doomed launch of the big publishers ‘ many AAA games tanked the players ‘ confidence further.

Nevertheless, things will not stay boring for the PC Segment as research has shown that things began to recover at the end of 2019 and sales improved later in the year.