U.S Navy sponsors DreamHack and ESL

The U.S. Navy has collaborated with DreamHack and ESL event organisers, both of them owned by MTGdrearea.

The deal is going to see the United States At DreamHack Anaheim and DreamHack Dallas, Navy serves as its official festival partner.

DreamHack Anaheim and DreamHack Dallas will be held in the United States on 21-23 February and on 22-24 May respectively. Navy is hosting a LAN area in which fans will be able to play Naval officers and veterans.

U.S. Commander Brendan McLane. The Navy Recruiting Command, in a statement, addressed the partnership: “The Navy looks forward to working with DreamHack and ESL as we reach the esports field. Like the Navy, esports need a set of skills and responsibilities and a strong commitment to continuous development.

The relationship would help to bring the United States closer. DreamHack will be incorporated into the US with Navy’s enthusiasm for competition with esports fans both at DreamHack North American events and through exclusive ESL online material. Navy broadcasts, including DreamHack Open, and create branded content focusing on the activation of the army branch at its events on the DreamHack and ESL networks.

DreamHack’s CEO Marcus Lindmark also reflected on the deal: “We are pleased to have this agreement with the United States. We know that gaming is an amusement for many people serving their own country, and it is especially important for us to align our Anaheim and Dallas festivals with this esteemed military branch. The Navy is going to bring our fans in the United States some truly unique activations and we look forward to giving our participants the experience.