Rumors suggests the next Major location and date

CSGO insider ‘Polish Leaks’ has apparently disclosed information on the next Majors, particularly the venue location and the hosts.

Major events are the largest on the CSGO calendar where the best teams in the world fight it in competitions related to the World Championships of other sports.

The winner is generally the best team in the world at that time and has the distinction of winning one of CSGOs most coveted trophies. Therefore, the atmosphere is vibrant, with players and fans more than anyone else looking forward to the games.

The current CSGO Champions are Astralis.

Fans, in particular, will remain in the dark over the forthcoming Majors, which can be announced just a few months before the event, with key pieces of information like venue or tournament organiser. Yet things may have changed as Polish Leaks says the information of the two next Majors has been leaked.

“Perfect World (+PGL) to host autumn Major. Originally they planned China as a location, but due to 2019-nCoV there’s a probability of moving it to a different country and even changing the host to BLAST, which for now is in advanced talks about covering the first Major in 2021,” the polish leaker claimed.

Nothing is, of course, verified yet, but the arguments are significant. PGL is the big organiser of the CSGO event and since 2017 has not been organising a major. Since 2017, BLAST Premier has managed and still wants a Major to host high-quality tournaments.

There has been no venue for the BLAST Major but a lot of fans think the first Major of 2020 will be played in Brazil and the second will take place in China if the rumours were to be believed.

The Mayor should then return to Europe, with Denmark as the home of RFRSH Entertainment, BLAST’s parent and current champions, Astralis, as possible.