Apex Legends Lag on PS4 and Xbox one to be fixed

Since the release of Season 4 of Apex Legends, several explanations have been welcomed. Most players have stayed dedicated to the map the new contents at Revenant and the Sentinel and to meta updates. While it was inevitable that more would happen, as with most large updates even with all bug fixes. With the Season 4 update, that remains true, though console players complained about a delay and freezing problems. But, according to one Respawn, these issues appear to have halted.

All PlayStation 4 players and Xbox One have experienced major problems in trying to play Apex Legends since Thursday’s update. The game frequently freezes and is unplayable for long periods. Therefore, a full crash can take place at any point in a match. This Reddit post perfectly illustrates the issues.

The exact composition of this update is unknown. It may be an update of the actual title or a smaller hotfix for patching this issue. We lean towards the latter because, in back-to-back weeks, Respawn does not deploy title updates too often. This update is probably a hot patch that doesn’t need to be downloaded. It is also possible to include some other bug fixes in the update.