Greyhound and Envy Gaming announce new partnership

Envy Gaming signed an intercity bus service partnership with Greyhound for a season. This is the first esports undertaking for the latter, to help transport the teams of the esports organisation to different games.

“We found that our brands are in alignment in a number of ways when we look into the sports industry; modernisation of entertainment, using new technology, and supply of a product that is accessible and convenient for the greatest number of people,” said Grayhound Marketing Director Lourdes Brown in a statement.

Envy Gaming is the Overwatch League team parent for Dalle’s Dallas Fuel team and the Call of Duty League’s Dallas Empire team. “We are proud to partner with Envy Gaming and are excited to provide fans across North America with a better and more affordable option to visit their favourite teams during the season. Greyhound will play an important role in the logistics process, both with franchisees requiring home and away games this season.

It provides special bus travel to all matches in North Texas onboard its new fleet. Both businesses will open their partnership via a fan lounge at the Dallas Fuel Opening Weekend from 8–9 February.

“Geoff Moore, President and COO of Envy Gaming says:” To partner with Greyhound gives us the opportunity to work not just with a fellow Dallas-based leader but also one of our most iconic and well-known brands in the world. “Greyhound has got it–it delivers modern amenities to improve the customer experience is parallel in so many ways for the esports events we are organising in North Texas that combine the best sports and entertainment.”

The Envy Gaming players can rest in comfort between matches, with much distance required during the 2020 season. Team branding is provided in the buses used for the partnership. In the created content and marketing promotions, players from both teams will also be included.