First Mexican Esports Stadium launched by Riot

The first esports arena was opened for the Latin American Legends League (LLA) by Riot Games with Cinemex and TV Azteca Deportes. They will now have the opportunity to see their favourite teams in their home country live for the benefit of all LLA players.

On February 6, TV Azteca’s CEO held a grand opening ceremony for the Mexican media company. With a competitive area for 10 people, this new arena can hold about 100 spectators. The exclusive location also incorporates state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee that all players have the best game experience.

The big stadium with its lighting and bright PC screens can be seen in the featured TV Azteca video. The surrounding sound system with 300 square metres of LED screens is another major feature of this arena. In addition, commentators will be able to tell games in real-time.

Azteca Sports Director Rodolfo Ramirez has given an insight into the new experiences, which have been translated by Daily Esports.

This is the first[ Latin American] stadium dedicated entirely to those who play video games and enjoy them. The Arena Cinemax at the Pedegral Artz Mall in Mexico City is perfectly designed for gamers, gamers and one aim: the best of sports to be transmitted throughout Latin America. Since September 2019, efforts to build this stadium is ongoing. They suggested some information for the upcoming event on the official website of Riot.

“We have concluded a multi-year, unprecedented agreement with Azteca Deportes and Arena Cinemex, that reinforces the Liga Latinoam√©rica’s long-term growth so that we can host a Mexico City audience studio, increase our production values and reach more fans through access to their media network.” Regrettably, in order to live up to their commitment to LLA, Riot Games thought the Chilean HQ had not been big enough. The decision to move via YouTube was √©galement announced.

All in all, LLA has a great opportunity for its Legends League region to dedicate more resources. The words of Ricardo Larra, the new negotiation director at Cinemex have been translated by us.

“In esports, Mexico is number 12. Those above us are the’ big’ and the most important to give you an idea. America, Japan, Taiwan. China. We are the number one in Latin America, but the 12th worldwide. “Two seasons of games are planned throughout the year by LLA. The opening and closing games will be played at 2:30 pm through Saturday and Sunday. On February 15, 2012, the arena will sell tickets at $149 MXN ($7.94 USD) for the first game. On 7 February sales will start, and the event will last five hours. The LLA wants players to compete more all year long.