Agent Skins permitted at Rio’s CSGO Major

CSGO agent skins have been given a green light in the upcoming big in Rio, Brazil, reported by Dot Esports.

In November 2019 Valve revealed that Operation Web Shattered had a greater role in the gameplay since then along with the skins and gloves of the Weapon. The pace for these agent skins became brief when some players started to question the trouble situations in which certain enemy models with these skins became difficult to find on the world. There are some players who are blind colour both in the community and in the pro scene where the later makes it difficult for them to analyse the map to detect the opposition.

Today, the CSPPA, on its twitter, gave the go-ahead after it was informed of the approval for equipment for the agent’s skins.

When Valve struggles by any chance to take this issue into account, we can see the economic credibility of the bigger flywire. Then all players come forward and sign an agreement that these special agent skins will not be used.

The same sort of solution had been obtained for the PGL Kraków Major 2017 in which “legal mechanic” made the Crouch Jump spot bug on the Banana in Inferno.