HP sponsors esports host ‘Sjokz’

Gaming hardware brand Omen by HP has officially announced that it will work closely with Eefje Depoortere, a popular host for esports. This is not the first time she announces that a partnership will be established and she is ready to tell everyone what is next.

Sjokz told her 680,000 fans on a tweet that she was “STOKED” to reveal her new sponsor. She also shared a few images of Omen’s MindFrame PC gaming headset with the white version. Omen also shared the news with her fans and told them it is thrilling to announce this year some’ snazzy’ collaborations. Sjokz has a rainbow-coloured dolphin in this picture.

Many fans speculate that they can contribute to new play equipment. The bright style of images suggests a neon trend for future products. Consumers are mainly aware of the HP Omen line of their PC hardware, therefore they probably rely on Sjokz to advertise these new products.

The 2019 host of the year formerly formed part of another collaboration last year. For their 1v1 League of Legends tournament events, she teamed up with Red Bull Player One. These events were held in the UK and finally in Brazil. In order to support the partnership, Sjokz released a news video.

This year Omen’s HP made additional collaborations. Previously, they strengthened their relationship with the CSGO team of the Astralis Group. This could be a big indication of their new Sjokz sponsorship. She posted on Feb. 2 to the CSGO desk about her return. The game and the proposed new products may be related by fans.

Most fans look forward to seeing what Sjokz has to do. The well-produced promotions of her photos are more fascinating to others.